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The Leading Removable Mesh Pool Fence Company Serving Merced

Guardian Pool Fencing specializes in installing attractive, durable, and effective removable mesh pool fences in Merced and throughout the greater Central Valley region. In addition, we also strive to continually improve upon the design of our fencing systems, in order to provide the safest mesh pool fencing systems possible for our valued clients.

Our Guardian Pool Fencing systems are custom-designed to provide the ideal fencing system for your individual Merced pool and yard, and can be installed on both concrete and wood pool decks, as well as atop lawn and planter areas when necessary. Initial Installation can typically be completed in only a day, and once installed, fence removal can be accomplished quickly and easily through the use of a Phillips screwdriver. Also, as an added safety feature, fence removal can only be accomplished from the inside of the pool fencing system, requiring entrance into the fence enclosure through the key-lockable gate. In addition, the safety gate hooks which connect the removable sections of our fencing system together are locked with a set of solid brass padlocks — all openable with the same key for maximum convenience, and all fencing sections are numbered and color-coded for ease of fence removal and set-up.

Call Guardian Pool Fencing today, and schedule a free onsite consultation and quote in Merced or anywhere throughout our Central Valley service area. Guardian Pool fencing has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and is a licensed contractor.

Certified Guardian Premier Pool Fencing Contractor, Serving Merced Homeowners

Our Premier Pool Fence Line is the strongest, most effective removable mesh pool fencing system available to Merced homeowners today, as well as throughout the entire removable mesh pool fencing industry. It features:

Guardian's Premier Line removable mesh pool fences are offered to Merced in an array of heights (60" is code compliant), framework powdercoat color finishes, and mesh types and colors, including an extremely durable and proven effective pet mesh with the ability to stand up to pets of all sizes. In addition, our Premier Line is quite versatile, and can be installed atop any landscape or hardscape surface, including concrete, wood, composite, and stone pool decks, as well as in lawns and planters when necessary. And because it can be installed utilizing ⅝" deck sleeve holes, it will cause much less obtrusive holes on these surfaces when it is not in place.

Premier Fence System Design Options, Serving Merced Homeowners

Premier Pole

Our Premier pole is guaranteed to be unbreakable, and measures 1" in diameter. It is constructed of extruded 6063 T6 marine grade aluminum with a PVC core. This core is then attached to a ½" diameter stainless steel insertion rod which fits into a ⅝" deck sleeve hole. This hole is much smaller than that needed for installing other removable mesh pool fencing systems, and makes for a much less obtrusive hole on Merced pool decks when the mesh pool fencing system is not in place.

Our Premier Pool Fence Lines are offered to Merced in a wide selection of mesh types and colors, fence heights, and framework finish colors:

Certified Guardian Pool Fencing Contractor, Serving Merced Homeowners

Many Merced pool owners choose to install our Premier Pool Fence System to meet their pool safety needs. This innovative pool fencing system was developed by our company's founder and CEO, Steven Sadinsky, because he was personally concerned about the safety and efficacy of the removable mesh pool fence systems available at that time. As a father, pool owner, businessman, and inventor, he knew he could design a mesh pool fencing system which would provide far more protection for his own household as well as the households of others.

Patent-Protected Non-Climbable Gate

Our patent-protected, non-climbable, self-closing gate was designed in an effort to make mesh pool fences a safer and more secure pool fencing system. Our gate has no top cross bar, making it difficult for small children to climb, as there is no place at the top of the gate for them to get a handhold. And while many of our competitors have attempted to copy this patent-protected gate design, ours is the original, and cannot be surpassed for excellence of functionality. It features a double pole truss system on each side, which enables it to operate independently of the rest of the pool fence. Most mesh pool fence gates are dependent upon the tension existing along the entire pool fence enclosure for their operation, and unlike our gate, cannot compensate well for fluctuations in pool fence tension caused by temperature variations and other factors. In addition, our gate is completely removable, for convenience of pool access during Merced pool use.

Patent-Protected Deck Sleeve System

At Guardian, we have a patent-protected deck sleeve design for our Premier Pool Fences. These deck sleeve systems enable our removable mesh pool fence systems to be approved as meeting pool safety code requirements for many municipalities, which will only approve mesh pool fences which require the use of a tool for fence removal as being pool safety code compliant. Call us today in Merced.

Pool Fences for Wood Pool Decks, Serving Merced Homeowners

Our Premier Line Fence is the ideal removable mesh pool fence for Merced wood or composite pool decks, whether they are located at ground level or above ground. The reason for this is the unique design of our Premier Line fence poles, which require a dime-sized, ⅝" deck sleeve hole for installation. This small size deck sleeve hole makes our Premier Line mesh pool fence very versatile, because it will not adversely affect the strength and structural integrity of wood or composite pool decks.

Call Guardian Pool Fencing, Proudly Serving All of Merced, California

Call the leader in Merced removable mesh pool fence installation: Guardian Pool Fencing. Schedule a free design consultation and quote at your Merced home. We look forward to having the opportunity to design the ideal removable mesh pool fencing system for your pool, one which will accent the look and appeal of your pool and yard while providing the maximum protection possible for your loved ones and pets. Call us today. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and are a licensed contractor. Guardian Pool Fencing accepts all major credit cards.

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