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We know that unless you know someone with our product or have visited one of our installations, you may still have questions. Following are the answers to some of the more common questions:

Besides having a great quality product, what key areas separate Guardian Pool Fence Systems from the competition?

We recognize that all fences will help to keep your loved ones safe. Important to note is that we are the only manufacturer that has a gate that is as non-climbable as the rest of the fencing system. To be clear, our gate does not have a horizontal cross-bar at the top of the gate frame that could make it easy for a mischievous toddler to try and climb over. To make the "U" frame strong enough to keep the mesh tight and maintain its shape, it is manufactured with stainless steel tubing.

Guardian Pool Fence Systems was the first major US manufacturer of a fencing system using the "pin" type pole design known as "Premier Fencing". This is the strongest pole available and is the only pole guaranteed unbreakable.

Last, but not least, we believe that the service our dealership provides cannot be over-shadowed by any other company. We are talking about having a real person answer the phone as much as possible, ability to talk specifics quickly and informatively, ability to respond quickly with in-yard quotations and installations, provide expert installations, and if ever a problem, quick to implement a resolution. Call us. We are sure you will agree.

How long will the product last?

We feel so strongly about the quality of our product that we are providing our customers with a lifetime warranty on all components and workmanship. This can be best described as a warranty covering manufacturers' defects that contribute to failure. Copies of the warranty are made available upon request.

Will the product stand up to children running into or pushing into it?

Yes, it is quite strong and is ASTM certified. This certification was conducted by a CA independent third party testing lab signifying that it meets the strength and weather resistance requirements as outlined in the CA State Building Code for pool fencing barriers.

Will it fade over time?

With the powder coated finish and the UV "blockers" in our mesh, thread, and border material, you will notice very little change over time.

Will the concrete crack from the drilling?

No. We use modern and state of the art drilling equipment to ensure a clean hole with no surrounding damage.

About how long does it take to take the fencing down?

At a comfortable speed, it can be taken down and rolled up in about three minutes for every ten feet. It can be faster or slower depending on skill.

How should I store the product?

It can easilty be stored vertically in the corner of a storage shed or garage or inserted into a "Rubbermaid" type landscaping can with the wheel attachment and rolled to your storage location. Storing vertically is always recommended to eliminate fold or crease lines in the fabric that are incurred when stored flat. The gate, of course, cannot be rolled up and must be leaned against a wall.

What kind of maintenance is required to take care of the fencing system?

We recommend removing the fencing at least once per year to hose out the deck sleeves and wipe the ends of the poles to maintain its easy removability. Outside of that, hosing it down when the decking is being hosed to keep it clean and spray a teflon lubricant on the hook and eyes that join the sections to one another yearly to ensure they move freely during fence removal. We leave you with a care and maintenance document, but you will find that not much beyond what is noted above is necessary to maintain our fencing system.


Blaine and his team are knowledgeable, have outstanding communication and project a very positive and professional attitude at all times. High quality product. Highly Recommend

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