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Customized Mesh Pool Fencing Child-Safe - Easy Removal & Setup

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At Guardian Pool Fencing, each removable mesh pool fencing system we install within our Central Valley service area is custom-designed to provide the maximum protection possible for the household it will safeguard, as well as to serve as an attractive hardscape accent for each individual home's pool and yard. Our certified installation technicians observe the highest standards of professionalism in installing our exceptional quality removable mesh pool fences, and can usually complete a pool fence installation in only one day. We offer our affordable removable mesh pool fence systems in a choice of long-lasting aluminum framework powder coat color finishes, and in a selection of mesh types and colors, including an extremely durable mesh which is specially designed to stand up to pets. In addition, our removable mesh pool fences are available in a choice of standard, as well as custom heights.

Pole Types

Unbreakable Fencing Poles
Premier & Original Pool Fence Holes
Fence Pole Designs & Colors

Premier Fence Poles

Our Premier Pool Fence Line features 1" diameter poles constructed of extruded 6063 T6 marine grade aluminum reinforced by a PVC center core. This core is then attached to a ½" diameter stainless steel rod which requires only a 5/8" diameter deck sleeve hole for installation. These poles are the strongest removable mesh pool fencing system poles available in the industry today, and are guaranteed to be unbreakable. In addition, as an added design bonus, the deck sleeve flange used for Premier pole installation is the same size as the pole, and is not visible when the pole is in place.

Original Tri-Core Fence Poles

Our Original Pool Fence System features 1" diameter fence poles constructed of tri-core reinforced extruded T6 marine grade aluminum, which require 1 ¼" diameter deck sleeve holes for installation. Our Original Line Pool Fence is an effective, exceptionally high quality removable mesh pool fencing system that is used only when large diameter holes exist from a previous, older installation.

Mesh Types and Colors

Both our Premier Pool Fence Line and our Original Pool Fence Line are offered in these mesh types and colors:

Premier Mesh Design Fence

Premier Mesh

An extremely durable mesh which is manufactured to our specifications to maximize mesh transparency and strength. This inter-woven fabric features a five strands by five strands per square inch weave, and is offered in black, brown and green.

Guardtex Mesh Fencing

Guardtex Mesh

More tightly woven than our premier mesh, our Guardtex mesh features a ten strands by ten strands per square inch weave which still provides excellent transparency. It is offered as a budget-sensitive alternative to our premier mesh, and is available in black only.

Effective Pet Mesh Style Fence Instalation

Pet Mesh

Our pet mesh is thicker than our other meshes and has a density of eleven strands by sixteen strands per square inch. And while it is a less transparent mesh than our other meshes, it is a proven effective barrier against all types and sizes of pets. Our pet mesh is available in black only.

Pool Fence Heights

Our Guardian removable mesh pool fences are offered in standard 4'", 4 1/2', and 5' heights, as well as custom heights. Our 5' fence height is required to meet municipal pool fencing code and home daycare licensing standards, as well as foster and adoptive home pool safety fencing requirements.

Aluminum Framework Finish Colors

The aluminum framework on our Guardian removable mesh pool fences is offered in a choice of black, brown, green, beige, or gray powder coat finish colors, as well as in our unfinished, "millwork" finish in silver.


I had a Guardian pool fence installed around my pool. I appreciate when the owner actually shows on time for an appointment. I was given an estimate that day and decided to proceed with having the pool fence installed. Everything was completed in a timely manner. I have recommended Guardian to family and friends.

Thanks for a job well done.

Karen J., Hanford, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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