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Mesh Pool Fencing Oakhurst Removable Pool Fences Reliable Pool Fence Installation Strong Pool Fence Swimming Pool Fence Oakhurst Ground Pool Fence Oakhurst

Oakhurst's Most Respected Mesh Pool Fence Provider

Guardian Pool Fencing specializes in designing and installing attractive, durable, and effective removable mesh pool fences in Oakhurst and throughout the greater Central Valley region. In addition, we also strive to continually improve upon the design of our fencing systems, in order to provide the safest mesh pool fencing systems available for our valued clients.

Our Guardian Pool Fencing systems are custom-designed to provide the ideal fencing system for your individual Oakhurst pool and yard, and can be installed on both concrete and wood pool decks, as well as atop lawn and planter areas when necessary. Initial Installation can typically be completed in only a day, and once installed, fence removal can be accomplished quickly and easily through the use of a Phillips screwdriver. Also, as an added safety feature, fence removal can only be accomplished from the inside of the pool fencing system, requiring entrance into the fence enclosure through the key-lockable gate. In addition, the safety gate hooks which connect the removable sections of our Original fencing system together are locked with a set of solid brass padlocks — all openable with the same key for maximum convenience, and all fence sections are numbered and color-coded for ease of fence removal and set-up.

Call Guardian Pool Fencing today, and schedule a free onsite consultation and estimate in Oakhurst or anywhere throughout our Central Valley service area. Guardian Pool fencing has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Guardian Premier Pool Fencing, Oakhurst, California

What differentiates our Premier Line Fence System from our Original Line Fence System is the pole design: Our Premier Line fence pole is the strongest mesh pool fencing pole available on the market today. Our Premier Line is a versatile pool fencing system which can be installed on concrete, wood, composite, and also atop lawns and in planters when necessary. The small diameter of the attachment rod on the bottom of our Premier pole allows for the drilling of dime-sized holes for fence pole attachment — holes which are much smaller than those required by other mesh pool fencing systems, which can be as large in diameter as a half dollar. And because of their small size, these holes will be far less obtrusive on your Oakhurst concrete or wood pool deck when the removable fencing system is not in place.

Guardian Original Pool Fencing, Oakhurst, California

The Premier and Original Pool Fence lines are identical except for the design of the pole. Our Original Pool Fence system features 1" diameter fence poles constructed of tri-core reinforced extruded T6 marine grade aluminum, which require 1 ¼" diameter deck sleeve holes for installation. Like our Premier Line, our Original Line is an effective, exceptionally high quality removable mesh pool fencing system, but serves as a more budget-sensitive alternative to our Premier Line. It is offered to Oakhurst in the same heights, the same framework finish colors, the same mesh types and colors, and is equipped with the same premium quality stainless steel hardware as our Premier mesh pool fence. In addition, it features the same patented, unclimbable gate, as well as the same patented locking deck sleeve system.

Premier & Original Fence System Options, Oakhurst, California

Overall, the only difference between our Original and Premier lines is in the construction of the fence poles: while our Premier Line Fence poles are constructed of extruded 6063 T6 marine grade aluminum with a PVC core, our Original Line Fence poles are constructed of a tri-core reinforced T6 marine grade aluminum, and provide a more affordable solution to effective pool safety for Oakhurst homeowners.

Beyond that, our Premier and Original mesh pool fences are offered to Oakhurst in the same selection of fence heights, framework finish colors, and mesh types and colors:

  • In our standard 48", 54", and 60" standard heights, as well as custom heights.
  • In black, brown, green, gray, and beige powder coat color framework finishes, as well as in unfinished aluminum.
  • In a choice of meshes: our premier mesh, available in black, green, and brown; our Guardtex mesh, in black; and our extremely durable pet mesh, in black.

Pool Fences for Above Ground Pool Decks, Oakhurst, California

Our Premier Line Pool Fence System is the ideal mesh pool fencing for Oakhurst pools located on above ground pool decks, regardless of whether the deck is constructed of wood, composite, or stone veneer. Because of the unique design of its fence poles, Our Premier Line requires the drilling of very small holes for installation, and will not adversely affect the integrity or strength of above ground pool decks.

Pool Fences for Wooden Pool Decks, Oakhurst, California

Mesh pool fencing is the ideal pool fencing for Oakhurst wooden and composite pool decks, and can be installed directly on top of the surface of all types of pool decks. At Guardian, our Premier Fence Line is the best mesh pool fencing system in the industry for wooden pool decks, due to its unique pole design. Our Premier Line fence poles are guaranteed unbreakable, and strongly constructed of durable 6063 T6 marine grade aluminum with a PVC core. Then this pole is attached to a stainless steel insertion rod which is a mere ½" in diameter, allowing for the drilling of a ⅝" diameter deck sleeve hole, which is much smaller than that required by other mesh pool fence systems in the industry. In addition, these small deck sleeve holes enable the pool fencing system to be installed in a greater variety of locations on the deck, and so allow for a greater number of pool fencing design layouts.

Call Guardian Pool Fencing Today, Oakhurst, California

Contact the removable mesh pool fence specialists at Guardian Pool Fencing today from Oakhurst . Our office hours are Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, and on Saturdays by appointment. We accept all major credit cards, and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Guardian Pool Fencing is licensed, bonded, and insured.

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My wife and I love to spend time with our grandkids and we love having our guardian fence system around our swimming pool. We never have to worry about our 3 year old grandson when we have him over. He is very active and has tried . . .

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