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The Central Valley's Leading Mesh Pool Fencing Contractor

Welcome to Guardian Pool Fencing, Fresno's premier provider of durable, child-safe, and attractive removable mesh pool fencing systems. Since 2004, our owner, Blaine Hall, has proudly represented the Guardian Pool Fence Systems Corporation as a certified dealer and installer. And during this time, he has designed and installed thousands of Guardian Pool Fencing systems throughout the Central Valley area, with the assistance of his highly skilled team of certified installation technicians.

Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc. is an international company with distributors all over the globe, and installs its removable mesh pool fences in countries all over the world. Its innovative mesh pool fencing designs features a patent-protected, un-climbable, self-closing, and self-latching gate and locking deck sleeve systems. Guardian Pool Fence Systems dealer, Blaine Hall, the owner of Guardian Pool Fencing, was instrumental in the development of these locking deck sleeve systems. And due to these innovative locking deck sleeve designs, Guardian products now qualify as meeting the pool safety code standards for many municipalities. In fact, Guardian's Premier Pool Fence Line is the only removable mesh pool fence system approved as meeting the stringent pool safety codes of the City of Los Angeles.

Call Guardian Pool Fencing today, and discover the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your Fresno home's pool is safely and securely fenced. We offer free onsite design consultations and quotes to all of the Central Valley, and accept all major credit cards. Guardian Pool Fencing has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and is a licensed contractor.

Proven Safe Guardian Premier Pool Fencing, Fresno, California

Guardian Pool Fence Systems has been a leader in the removable mesh pool fencing industry for over twenty years, and has developed a safety pool fencing system so unique that it is protected by a federal patent: our Premier Pool Fence System.

We offer our Premier Pool Fence Line to Fresno with these features:

At Guardian Pool Fencing, we have installed thousands of Premier Pool Fence Systems in the Central Valley over the years, so we have the experience and expertise necessary to do the job quickly and accurately. Our certified installers can typically set up your child-safe removable pool fence in as little as one day, and the numbered and color-coded fence sections make it easy to take down and put back together yourself once our installers are gone. You can customize your removable pool fence to match your outdoor decor, with our tasteful selection of pole and mesh colors. You can also customize the height of the fence, and you can even special order a larger gate to accommodate handicapped pool users or other special access needs. Call us today from Fresno. We offer free onsite design consultations and quotes to all of the Central Valley, and are a licensed contractor.

Certified Guardian Pool Fence Systems Contractor, Serving Fresno, California

Besides the fact that we sell the most innovatively engineered removable mesh pool fencing systems in the industry today, why choose Guardian Pool Fencing over other mesh pool fence contractors to design and install your Fresno home mesh pool fence?

Professional installation – Our Premier mesh pool fences are installed by Guardian trained and certified installers.

Self-closing gate – Our self-closing gate holds U.S. Patent # 5,664,769. Guardian was awarded this patent for its non-climbable, self-latching gate which is engineered with no top cross bar – a design which makes it very difficult for young children to climb.

Key lockable gate – Our mesh pool fence systems feature the award winning Magna Latch key-lockable gate. The Magna Latch has been awarded the Australian Design Award, and also the Silver Medal at the International Inventors Convention held annually in Geneva, Switzerland. The Magna Latch meets the Barrier Code requirements of the NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute) and the U,S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Color choices – We offer an array of framework color finishes and mesh colors, to complement your Fresno pool and patio décor perfectly.

Permanent or removable – Our mesh pool fencing system can be kept in place permanently, or easily removed with only a Phillips screwdriver. In addition, the fence sections are numbered and color-coded to make fence removal and setup as straightforward as possible.

Removable Mesh Pool Fences for Homes with Pets, Serving Fresno, California

When they are outfitted with our extremely durable pet mesh, our Premier Line Pool Fence Systems are capable of withstanding the machinations of dogs of any breed and size. We can make this claim after years of trial and error, as well as a good degree of persistence, after which we have developed the ideal mesh and pole combination to stand up to any and all types and sizes of pets in Fresno households.

We have found that even the largest dogs owned by Fresno homeowners cannot break our Premier fence poles, no matter how hard they try. In addition, we have found that pets of all sizes are unable to claw their way through our pet mesh, which is specially designed with a very small weave that pets of all types find difficult to penetrate with their claws. And because these pets are unable to get a claw-hold on this mesh, they are unable damage it in any significant way whatsoever.

Above Ground & Ground Level Wood Pool Deck Mesh Fencing Provider for Fresno, California

Our Premier Line Pool Fence System is the ideal pool fencing system for both above ground and ground level pools on both wood and composite decks, because the unique design of its fence poles allows for the drilling of only 5/8" diameter holes for its installation. Because of this characteristic, our Premier Line Pool Fence will provide a reliable, effective pool safety fence for Fresno ground level and above ground wood and composite deck pools, and cause no adverse effects to the strength and integrity of these decks.

Premier Fence Options for Fresno Homeowners

At Guardian Pool Fencing, our Premier Pool Fence Systems are fabricated of extruded marine grade 6063 T6 aluminum outer layer reinforced with a durable PVC core. Pole has a 1" diameter and requires only a ⅝" inch diameter deck sleeve holes for installation.

Our Premier Pool Fence Systems are available in a choice of:

Pole Finishes
Mesh Types
Fence Heights

Fresno Depends Upon Guardian Pool Fencing. Call Us Today.

Call Guardian Pool Fencing today. We offer free onsite consultations and quotes to Fresno and throughout the Central Valley. Guardian Pool Fencing is a licensed contractor.

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My wife and I love to spend time with our grandkids and we love having our guardian fence system around our swimming pool. We never have to worry about our 3 year old grandson when we have him over. He is very active and has tried to get into the pool area, but the Guardian pool fence system kept him safe. The installation was completed as promised and the staff showed us how to care for the system. When we have our older friends over we can take it down and no one knows there ever was a fence up. It was a great investment that gives us peace of mind year round.

Robert and Deborah Torres, Fresno

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