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Guardian Pool Fencing: Hanford's Leading Provider of Mesh Pool Fencing

Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc. is an international company whose proven reliable removable mesh pool fencing systems are installed around the globe. And since 2004, our owner, Blaine Hall, has proudly represented Guardian Pool Fence Systems as an authorized dealer and installer for the Central Valley area. But in addition to installing thousands of Guardian Pool Fence Systems for satisfied clients in Hanford and throughout his service area, Mr. Hall has been instrumental in helping our removable mesh pool systems to be the first in the industry to meet the pool safety codes of many municipalities.

Guardian Pool Fence Systems are unique in Hanford and throughout the entire removable mesh pool fence industry for both their patent-protected unclimbable, self-closing, self-latching gate design, as well as their patent-protected locking deck sleeve systems. For years, building departments rejected mesh pool fences as not meeting pool fencing code standards because of the fact that they were removable, and because mesh pool fence removal could be accomplished by means of a push button locking system which did not require the use of tools. In response to this concern, our owner, Blaine Hall, devised an innovative modification for our locking deck sleeves which required the use of a screwdriver to unlock the pool fence poles from the sleeves. Guardian Pool Fence is now the only mesh pool fence company to use this type of deck sleeve. And as a result of these patent-protected locking deck sleeve systems, Guardian mesh pool fences now meet pool fencing code requirements in many municipalities. In fact, Guardian Pool Fence Systems are the only removable mesh pool systems which meet the stringent pool safety fence codes of the City of Los Angeles.

Contact Guardian Pool Fencing today, and discover the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home's pool is safely and securely fenced. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and provide free onsite quotes to homeowners in Hanford and throughout the Central Valley. Guardian Pool Fencing is a licensed contractor.

Innovative Guardian Premier Pool Fences for Hanford, California

Guardian Pool Fencing has installed thousands of Premier Pool Fence systems throughout our Central Valley service area since 2004. Our Premier mesh pool fence system features fence poles constructed of 6063 T6 marine grade aluminum, reinforced by a PVC core which is attached to type 304 stainless steel deck sleeve insertion pins. These fence poles are guaranteed to be unbreakable, and have been thoroughly researched and field tested as such. Our Premier Pool Fence Systems are offered to Hanford in a choice of:

Our Premier removable mesh fences feature our patent-protected, non-climbable, self-closing gate, as well as our patent-protected locking deck sleeve system. They are designed for easy removal and set up, and are offered to Hanford with a lifetime warranty on all fence components and installation workmanship.

Trust the removable mesh pool fence experts at Guardian to install your Hanford home's pool fencing system. Guardian Pool Fence Systems meet the pool fencing building code and safety requirements set forth by many municipalities throughout the United States, in large part due to our innovative patent-protected locking deck sleeve design, and have been independently tested and certified to meet ASTM F-2286 standards for swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. In fact, Guardian's Premier Pool Fence line is the only mesh pool fencing that meets the stringent pool fencing building code standards for the City of Los Angeles – primarily because of our locking sleeve design and ASTM F-2286 certification.

Hanford's Options for Guardian Premier Pool Fences

Guardian Premier Pool Fences are offered to Hanford homeowners in an array of design options. And what's more, these proven effective mesh pool fence systems can be easily removed and replaced as needed. Our removable mesh pool fence systems are offered in a choice of:

Call Guardian Pool Fencing today, for Hanford's best value in exceptional quality removable mesh pool fence systems.

Pool Fencing for Pools Located on Wooden Decks, Hanford, California

What makes Guardian Premier Line Pool Fences the best removable mesh pool fences for pools with wooden or composite decks in Hanford is their unique pole design. These 1" diameter fence poles require the drilling of very small holes in wood or composite decks for fence installation, because of their ½" diameter insertion rods. In addition, these fence poles can be easily blocked from underneath the deck for added structural support, or alternately, can be installed in a wood or composite strip attached to the deck's surface — carefully matched to the existing deck's wood or composite type and finish color.

Pool Fencing for Pools Located on Above Ground Decks, Hanford, California

Guardian Premier mesh pool fences are ideal for Hanford pools located on above ground pool decks, regardless of whether these decks are constructed of wood or composite. The unique design of our Premier Line fence poles allows them to be installed utilizing very small, 5/8" diameter deck sleeve holes, which means that this pool fencing system will have no adverse impact on the integrity or strength of wood or composite decks. In addition, our Premier mesh pool fencing system is completely removable, with only the use of a Phillips screwdriver, and can easily and quickly be taken down and stored when it is not needed. And as a further aid in this task, all fence sections are color-coded and numbered.

Contact Hanford's Removable Mesh Pool Fencing Experts

Contact the removable mesh pool fencing specialists at Guardian Pool Fencing today, for the finest mesh pool fencing systems available at affordable prices. We serve Hanford and all of the Central Valley, and offer free onsite quotes throughout our service area. Let us show you how our Guardian mesh pool fences can protect your family, guests, and pets while providing an attractive landscape accent to your pool and yard. Guardian Pool Fencing accepts all major credit cards, and is a licensed contractor.

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