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Original Pool Fencing

Innovative Mesh Pool Fencing Design
Child-Safe - Easy Removal & Setup

Original Guardian Pool Fence System
  • ASTM F2286 Compliant
  • Patented Safety Features
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty
  • Can Usually Be Installed In a Day
  • The Central Valley's Best Value
  • 1000's of Satisfied Customers
  • Free Onsite Consultations & Estimates
  • Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

Guardian Pool Fencing is committed to providing innovative home pool fencing solutions for Central Valley homeowners, their loved ones, and pets. Guardian's proven effective, child-safe removable mesh pool fence systems are unique throughout the entire removable mesh pool fence industry for their patented safety features. And since 2004, our company has installed thousands of affordable Guardian Pool Fence Systems, and has established a reputation for providing superior removable mesh pool fencing systems, personalized customer service, and expert craftsmanship throughout our service area.

Many of our clients have chosen our affordable Original Pool Fencing System to meet their pool safety needs. Overall, the only difference between our Original and Premier Pool Fence Lines is in the construction of the fence poles: while our Premier Line Fence poles are constructed of extruded 6063 T6 marine grade aluminum with a PVC core, our Original Line Fence poles are constructed of tri-core reinforced extruded T6 marine grade aluminum. However, despite their different fence pole designs, both our Premier Line Pool Fence and our Original Line Pool Fence have a proven track record of providing effective home pool safety. In addition, both lines are constructed of the same premium quality materials, and are offered in the same design options.

Original Pool Fence & Premier Pool Fence Design Features

Beyond the difference in fence pole design, both our Original and Premier Pool Fence System lines:

  • Feature our patented, double pole truss design gate, which is non-climbable, self-closing, and equipped with the innovative Magna Latch – a magnetically operated latch which is key-lockable.
  • Are installed with our patented locking deck sleeve system – constructed using non-conductive, high density polyethylene plastic sleeves (NEC code compliant).
  • Are equipped with premium quality hardware: type 304 stainless steel screws, eye bolts, and hooks and eyes; solid brass padlocks.
  • Can be installed in a choice of 30" or 36" pole spacing.
  • Have been independently tested and certified to meet ASTM F-2286 standards for swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas.
  • Are designed for quick and easy removal; ease of storage.
  • Include color-coordinated deck caps for sealing the deck sleeve holes when the fence is not in place.
  • Are backed by a lifetime warranty on all fence components and installation workmanship.
  • Are offered in the same selection of fence heights, mesh fabrics and colors, and powdercoat color framework finishes.

Guardian's Patented Safety Features and Fence Options

Our Patented Non-Climbable Gate

Guardian removable mesh pool fence systems feature a patented gate design developed by the CEO and founder of Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc., Steven Sadinsky. Patented in 1997, Guardian's self-closing gate was the first removable mesh pool fence gate expressly designed and engineered to be non-climbable by small children. It is designed with a "U-shape" framework with no top cross bar, making it very difficult for young children to climb. In addition, it features a double-pole truss system on either side, which allows the gate to self-adjust for any tension fluctuations which may occur along the fence line. This unique feature enables the gate to operate effectively at all times, independent of the remainder of the tension throughout the rest of the fencing system. And for added convenience, the gate can be completely removed from the fence, for optimal ease of pool access during pool use.

The Magna Latch

Our gate is equipped with the Magna Latch, a magnetically-operated latch which is key-lockable and meets the stringent Barrier Code requirements of the NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute) and the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission. We use the Magna Latch on our Guardian removable mesh pool fences because it is the safest, best designed latching system in the industry today.

Our Patented Locking Deck Sleeve Systems

Guardian Pool Fencing's owner, Blaine Hall, was instrumental in developing Guardian's patented locking deck sleeve systems, and is listed as Co-Inventor on Guardian's Original locking deck sleeve patent. For years, building departments rejected mesh pool fences as not meeting pool fencing code standards because of the fact that they were removable, and because mesh pool fence removal could be accomplished by means of a push button locking system which did not require the use of tools. In response to this concern, Blaine Hall devised an innovative modification for Guardian's locking deck sleeves which required the use of a screwdriver to unlock the pool fence poles from the sleeves. Guardian Pool Fence is now the only mesh pool fence company to use this type of locking deck sleeve, which earned our company its second patent for our Original Fence locking deck sleeve, and our third patent for our Premier Fence locking deck sleeve. And as a result of these patented locking deck sleeve systems, Guardian mesh pool fences now meet pool fencing code requirements in many municipalities. In fact, to date, Guardian's Premier Pool Fence System is the only removable mesh pool system which meets the stringent pool fencing codes of the City of Los Angeles.

Unbreakable Fencing Poles
Premier & Original Pool Fence Holes
Fence Pole Designs & Colors

Fence Pole Types

Premier Fence Poles

Our Premier Line fence Poles are guaranteed to be unbreakable, and are fabricated of 6063 T6 marine grade aluminum with a PVC core. They are 1" in diameter, and are attached to a ½" diameter stainless steel rod which inserts into our patented Premier locking deck sleeve system. This unique deck sleeve system requires only dime-sized, ⅝" diameter deck sleeve holes for fence installation.

Original Fence Poles

Our Original Line fence poles are fabricated of tri-core reinforced extruded T6 marine grade aluminum. They are 1" in diameter, and are installed utilizing our patented Original locking deck sleeve system, which requires 1 ¼" diameter deck sleeve holes for fence installation.

Mesh Types and Colors

Our Original Pool Fence Line is offered in these durable mesh fabrics and colors. Our mesh fabrics contain state of the art UV inhibitors within the mesh, thread, and border material.

Premier Mesh Design Fence

Premier Mesh

Our most transparent mesh, which is custom-manufactured to our specifications to maximize mesh transparency, durability, and strength. It is characterized by a five strands by five strands per square inch weave. Our Premier mesh is available in black, brown, and green.

Guardtex Mesh Fencing
Guardtex Mesh

Our Guardtex mesh is more tightly woven than our Premier mesh. It is characterised by a ten strands by ten strands per square inch weave which still provides excellent transparency. It is offered as more affordable alternative to our premier mesh. Our Guardtex mesh is available in black.

Effective Pet Mesh Style Fence Instalation
Pet Mesh

Our extremely durable pet mesh is thicker than our Premier and Guartex meshes. It is characterized by a eleven strands by sixteen strands per inch weave. And though it is less transparent than our other meshes, it provides a proven effective barrier against all types and sizes of pets when used in combination with our Premier fence poles. Our pet mesh is available in black.

Pool Fence Heights

Standard Fence Heights - 48", 54", and 60" heights.

Custom Fence Heights - Fence heights under 48" not recommended. Mesh pool fence height of 60" is required to meet municipal pool fencing codes, home daycare licensing standards, as well as foster and adoptive home requirements.

Aluminum Framework Finishes
Framework Powder Coat Color Finishes

Choice of black, brown, beige, green, or gray.

Unfinished Framework

Millwork finish - silver.

Call Guardian Pool Fencing today, and schedule a free onsite consultation and estimate anywhere throughout our Central Valley service area. Guardian Pool Fencing has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau, and is licensed, bonded, and insured.

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My wife and I love to spend time with our grandkids and we love having our guardian fence system around our swimming pool. We never have to worry about our 3 year old grandson when we have him over. He is very active and has tried to get into the pool area . . .

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